Okay… I have thought long and hard about this. Should I? shouldn’t I? If I do, what are my reasons, motivations if you will. Why should I? What are possible ramifications. Would I be doing this because of what it could afford me? Would this please God? That was the tough question. Then he gave me the idea. A contract. I wrote a contract. I discussed this contract with Mitchell. We prayed about it. He got to ask me any questions. And then he signed it.


06.08.2009 D.S. Contract


This is how he spent most of the first day of ownership. 


06.09.2009 Mitchell playing DS

The blue is the case I bought for him.  And if you were wondering, he is playing Gardening Mama.  The newness has somewhat worn down.  He starts day camp next week. We are both excited.  Also, his room has never been consistently clean like it is now.  Yee Haw.


Okay… I have been told on more than one occasion that I have a knack for painting pictures with words. I believe that to be true so why is it that my written thoughts rarely make sense or have a clear image of what I am trying to say. So, I am so glad to have a new little inexpensive digital to help me tell my stories. No camera (is the excuse today) was why I was so quite with postings. Hopefully there will be lots more.

We had our first spring weather this Monday, and I attempted to take a few photos. Here is my favorite.

Colorado skColorado sky 5/18/2009y 5/18/2009

Taken just after sunset (Note: I was out taking photo’s a half hour before the sun set.  I have a new appreciation for the BBC Planet Earth filmographers.)

Okay Lou. Don’t have a cow. “Two in ONE day”, you say.

My mother was knitting one afternoon and Mitchell was facinated. So much so, that he wanted to knit too. Grandma allowed him to do a few stiches on the scarf she is working on but that was not enough for him. He wanted to do his own. So we went out and bought him his own needles (green) and his own skien of yarn (red). Over the next few days, that is all he wanted to do. He hurried to get his daily stuff done, so that every spare minute could be spent knitting. Is very cute.

Mothers Day and Soccer 024

When I went out on to the porch on Friday afternoon and saw the Green Pro-Flowers box my first thought was, “Oooooo…. someone sent Mommy (my Mom was in town visiting) flowers here for her on Mother’s Day”. I was wrong. They were for me. When I opened the box I was thrilled! They were so pretty. The card read, “Happy Mother’s Day! Your loving son, Mitchell”. I know my kid is smart and for the little time he has on the computer, he can navigate quite nicely from pbs.org to cartoon network. But I KNOW that he does not have a credit card. So thank you to whomever sent me the flowers on Mitchell’s behalf. They are PRETTY!


God put it upon my heart that it was time to look into getting Mitchell health insurance.  We have both been uninsured since I left my job in June of  ’08 and enrollment at my new position is not until April.   In my search for coverage, it quickly became apparent that it would be cheaper for me not to get Mitchell’s coverage through my work.  Let me just preface this post by saying that I think insurance is a scam.  It plays into the fears of “what if’s” that we are clearly not supposed to be concerned with. 

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Jesus Christ.”  Philippians 4:6-7 

“And my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:19  

So, I went through an agent and asked a few questions, talked to a few people about the information and the quote I was given and chose a provider.  The agent was great and said she would be glad to help me do the application while on the phone with me.  FANTASTIC!    One of the questions asked was “if the martial status of the applicant had changed with in the last 12 months”.  Now for those of you who know me you can probably hear the gales of laughter in my head.  So I asked her to repeat the question.  “Has the martial status of the applicant changed in the last 12 months.”  While she repeated the question, I decided not to correct her, I simply reminded her that he is only 6 so no, he has never been married.  Well, I am my sister’s sister and if there is a computer problem to be had, it will find me.  She ended up not being able to complete the application over the phone, and sent me a link to complete it myself.  As I was reviewing the information she already obtained from me, I came across the question that made me chuckle.  I was shocked to see that indeed, the question on the web site was indeed “martial status”.   I still have to laugh though… “martial status”?  Pahleese.  Judo…  NO wait.  Karate!!!

And the kicker is, he probablyu wont get approval due to being deaf in one ear.  Reasonably priced insurance companies only want to insure perfectly healthy people.  We’ll see.

Mitchell has been asking me and begging me and pleading with me for a DS.  My answer has been no from almost day one.  (Not that I think there is anything inherently wrong with them.  I just think kids need to do a lot more running around and hand held electronic games typically don’t encourage that.)  I also told him that a boy who throws things when he gets angry or doesn’t get his way, is no way getting a game boy to toss around.  He decided that if I was not going to buy one for him, he would make his own. 



So he did. Complete with 4 games, a stylus and slots in which to store them when not in use.  It is made out of paper and he used a pencil to draw the pictures.  Of course he also gave me another reason for not wanting him to have a DS.  Why would I want to willingly quash this creativity? 

Greetings from our new surroundings!  I have taken the plunge and have moved out of California to experience all that Colorado has to offer.  So far, it is grand.  The sky is amazing here that each day it is a delight (more so than usual) to wake up and see what the day has to offer.  I have seen more lightening and have heard more thunder in the last month here, than in my entire life time.   God puts on a great show.

Mitchell and his Mommy
Mitchell and his Mommy

I took Mitchell up to Seven Falls.  The above is a photo of us at the end of “Insperation Point”, a mile or so hike from the top of the stairs.  Was a relief to get there.  It started to rain shortly after we reached the top so we left sooner than I would have liked.  (There are signs along the hike that warn of lightening.)

Was a wonderful day.